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Design & Consultation
Exterior Restoration
Construction & Woodworking
Lighting, Sound & Electrical
Paint, Plaster & Refinishing
Stained Glass & Artwork
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Project Scope

We have determined what we think our needs are, but we are looking for help to set the scope or design.
We have established a scope of work, and it is mostly maintenance oriented.
We have a specification for which we need a proposal.
We have a plan but we are open to further suggestions or changes.
We know we need to do something, but we need help to know just what to do.


We have a tentative time frame to do our project. Year: (YYYY)
We have a definite time frame or preferred completion date to do our project. (if checked, complete next two statements)
We would like to begin our project (MM/YYYY)
We would like to complete our project. (MM/YYYY)


We have already secured the funding to do our project based on an estimated cost.
We have developed or are willing to develop a stewardship program to fund our project.
We will need to secure funding outside our debt service range
We aren’t sure about funding and would like to discuss it. We would like a representative to call and set up a meeting with us to discuss our needs.

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